Internet Marketing (SEO Services)

seo services bali"Build it and they will come" - an adage disproved by many websites...

Two reasons describe the motivation behind the establishment of most websites:

  1. To service existing customers: You want to provide an online venue for existing customers to access information about your company and products. Perhaps you might also need to provide your customers the ability to purchase online via a shopping cart.
  2. To source new customers: You want to leverage the power of the internet to grow your business. You want to get your company and its services or products in front of the millions of people a day who are using tools like Google and Yahoo to search for products your business provides.

When a great website isn't enough...

If your website's purpose is the first, then it's sufficient to build an informative, easy to use professional site that incorporates all the information and functionality you require.

If however, you're looking to grow your business by using your website as the powerful marketing tool it can be, then you need to consider having your site optimised to ensure it appears as near to the top of search engine results as possible.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO services) is essential to make sure the millions of searches made by potential customers return your site among those on the first page of results. 80% of search engine users don't search deeper than that first page and given that many of them are actively searching for products they are ready to buy, you can see how important it is that your site be there!

SEO services isn't just for new sites. If you have an existing site, try a few searches using keywords related to your business. If your website doesn't appear - we can help!

Need a quote?

If your new or existing site needs SEO, simply email us your site name and a list of keywords related to your business and its products or services. We'll do a brief competitive analysis of your industry, report what we believe is required to push your site into the first page of Google results and supply a quote to make those changes.